01 July 1999

Noreaga1 about himself

Hey there was a comment made about me ( Oompah: rebuttal to bowserman ) that said I am one of the players who resigns early. ( I DON'T) . plays a BT ( I DON'T). and I quick helli rush or chinook rush ( I DON'T ) so I think that was rather ignorant of oompah to say given the fact that he has never played me and obviousley hasnt ever seen my settings or rules and at the most I play HT now no other rules. and if I do helli rush which I rarely do then I won't resign instantly I will play it out and I have beaten many people that ahve stopped my helli rush. i also play about 5 diffrent scenarios now so no one can say i am a 1 setting person and I took this month off jsut too get better by ony playing Blackyoda , CmdrCD , MonsterID ...... and people like that so I can improve and lets not forget I didn't fall back as soon as the good players played I had over 900 ponits on the 27 of the month ( and then found out that I would be D/Qed becase my dad played too on Noreaga2 ) so I wasnt going to win I went and played the best to get better. Thanks
- Noreaga1 -

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