newbies & dishonorable players

Newbies are usually hard to deal with but are very friendly to You. When I play a newbie I always give them hints and tips as they play, but unlike the losers who are high ranked and are dishonorable, to play newbies and just hurt em bad with some crappy tactic like the Heli Rush or APC rush. The point of this was to show that newbies are at a disadvantage in many situations, not only their skill matters. Also, the high ranked players usually aren't that good at all, they just find the newbies and always play newbies (no one else) and do cheap tactics to get an easy win. Those people aren't good generals like Rquiem (even though he acts like a newbie to sucker players sometimes). Good generals pick a worthy opponent and fight till' the death with no cheap tactics, C&C is just more fun that way.

Field Commander Of GDI's Medium Tank Squadron
Luigi644; WCHAT: MacNODMan

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