29 June 1999

MastaBlue: "To Sum Everything Up"

Hello everyone MastaBlue here,

There is a first time for everything, and this is the first time i've ever agreed with anything Oompah has said. The difference between old school and new school players is clear: old schoolers invented every possible strategy, and spend their time playing the game and inventing new tactics on each map, while new schoolers spend their time playing 1 map, one tech, and one units settings, and when they lose, they DC, or nowdays, Out of sync. There are some new school players like Blzzrd and Redrusher who remind me of old schoolers, for they take their losses, and get better each time, and play any setting. However, for the most part, the rest of the new schoolers are complete jokes. When an old schooler like CmdrCD or Rquiem or oompah or bowserman or JJM or yes, even me, decide they really want to have no life for a month and actually sit down and play to win, we will, and there isnt a single person who can stop us in our mission. (hell, one person can only give me 5 losses in 1 ladder, and that wont stop me from winning a tourney).

And to people like hadouken and rquiem who say the game is dead, I agree on these terms...the game is dead because the highly skilled players have A)left c&c to play another game or move on, and B)the haven's where this great game was started (i.e. mplayer/ten/kali) are dead. If there were no prizes on wchat, it would be a dead place as well. But...a dead place without cheaters is better than what we have now.

I do NOT agree in the strongest way with them in saying every strategy and tactic has been thought of and used. For example, this new tactic which I will give whatever oompahclan4life member that invented it credit for, is the Green Acres expansion. It absolutely blew my mind the first time i saw it, for I think of GA to be a rushing map. Nowdays it is far from it. That strategy has popped up in the last 4-5 months, of a game that is over 3 years old. Also, until EACH AND EVERY SINGLE MAP is played and mastered by a person, and EACH AND EVERY STRATEGY OF RUSHING AND EXPANSION is used on EVERY map, this GAME ITSELF will never be dead.

So to sum it all up, I say the PLAYERS are the ones dead, or bored of the game, or missing in action; not the game...because C&C will live forever as long as there are computers and players to play it.


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