24 June 1999

TheMan466: "C&C is definatly dead"

Hey MacMark, XTheManX here.

Is C&c dead, yes Mac, yes it is. I didn't really believe this, until Westwood posted the winners of May 1999. Every single winner was someone not good enough to be a winner, nor did they deserve to win. A couple even d/c'd me! It's sickening to me, that i placed 5th for GDI last month, completely legit, yet Vted disabled my name, and everyone in front of me (including me) didn't win. From now on the winners of the ladder are going to be the 'elite' players. Or the cheaters who don't deserve to win. I had faith in Westwood, and C&c until the winners were posted, it's absolutely sickening. It's wrong that cheaters took over Westwood so easily and now they reign supreme, until the 'elite' come along, kick everyone's ass for pts, and claim their prize every 3 months. Will the B rate players ever get good enough? HELL NO, i mean, why should they? They have fun s keying, and d/c'ing, and why should they stop? They shouldn't, last month's winners prove, even while cheating you can still win. It's just a matter of time, before the people who are having fun, realize they can't win, and C&c isn't that fun any longer. I had faith in C&c.......that is until Westwood f#cked up one of the best games around.

-XTheManX aka TheMan466

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