30 June 1999

LilMoosh: Hats Off To TheBronc

Bronc Has A Point When i Started CnC In June Of 1998 It Was PURE Fun. Now Its Just Not Fun ANymore Man! Everyone Can Counter All The Tatics ANd THeyve Pretty Much All Been Made Up. So CnC Is DIeing, But Not Dead Yet. I SHall Still Play, But Not 212 Games Like June :P THat Was Fun LOL! Talk About Nothing To Do.. 210 Wins 2 Losses And I Didnt Even Freaking Win. Eh, Now I Play Real Setts And I Can Beat Almsot ANyone :P, SWarcoFF And Jstarani, Ive Beaten You, I Used GDI Tank Rush So DOnt Deny It You Sore Loosers. I Must Comment On TheBronc Though, He Knows His Info, Bronc Man Id Like To Play You Some Time.. Email Me!!

Supreme Commandant LilMoosh

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