24 June 1999

Skylord: "Know it all's"

O.k I don't especially love to lay the smack down but i'm gonna try.  Elite ? haha.... I say older.  Some of you have been playing cnc for about three or more years.... the other new players that are coming into their own are in the range of 4-12 months.  Now you've tripled their time with cnc.  Of course you know the game better.  I can't compare Kobe Bryant and Michael Jorden, because of their time in their respective sport.  I also don't see why you must publisize your opinion that cnc is dead.  I think what you think is your own opinion.  I don't need to be told by some freaking "know it all" that the game i like is dead.  To you it is, to me it isn't.  Don't make me come back here and lay it down again.  


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