20 June 1999


Ok people, let me clarify myself. I mean dead as a whole, not like no one ever plays it, because of course there will always be someone playing it. I mean the game as a whole is dead. If you want to play it, that's fine with me, but I believe it's dead. People may say there's some more strategy out there, but it's long gone guys. No more new/innovative strategies are left for this game in respect to sensible settings. (maybe that's why mark hasn't posted a new strat in awhile) Please don't compare this game to chess. . .that's a really bad analogy. CnC may be a real time strategy game. . .but really compare it to another strategy game. The new generation of players may be great, but not as good as the "old guys." (pieman, pecpecklr, m1 still own u guyz :0). Most of the new gen. players when i left usually are one map/setting wonders (not applying this to all. . .). It's either apc on ga, rush on tg, or airbuss. Well have fun playing you guys. . whatever games you play.


P.S. Rquiem plays for the prizes. . not for the enjoyment :)

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