15 June 1999

Hadouken says "CNC IS DEAD"

Hey everyone,

Although I never agree with rquiem about anything, this time I'm with him. CNC IS DEAD, yes there are people who still play it, but there's no more real competition. (don't flame me mark hehe). This game is over three years old, and rquiem is right; all the strategies have been figured out and done. People leave this dying game, the ladder is corrupt and s-keying is corrupt. Yes you can play the mappack on wchat now that I figured out how to use it, but who cares! (sorry, shameless plug in hehe). Ok guys, wait until cnc 2, which will be delayed again, or do what the other half of the cnc community has done. We have all moved on to Starcraft: Broodwar. Rodofnod, dkrulz, wolfcry, cmdrcd (sometimes), grengo96, rquiem (sometimes), a bunch of other players, and myself have moved on to Starcraft: Broodwar. If you want a good game come to the channel: the best . We will be there waiting for you.

Your friend,

P.S. Long live cnc. . . *sigh*

I have StarCraft too, but I prefer C&C. Sorry, Had.

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