01 July 1999

Hadouken: I'm bored... CnC

Ok, yeah masta and rq pretty much summed it up :). ..but rq was a bit mean in putting of the list ----> Laserfang, UNC, Tankhog, Ashok, Sykopup, RodOfNOD, Tonsoffun, Blackyoda, Mickeyv, JJM543, Drake32, Bronco, ADI5893 (ok rod shouldn't be on this list. . .if he hadn't left for a yr. he could keep up hard. .. and wtf??? why aren't i on this damn list hahaha. . .oh yeah b/c i own j/k) I just want to say this game is pretty much dead in my SENSE (read my stuff below to understand my sense). I really believe that all strats to a reasonable point have been figured out. If you count mappack, then there's tons of wayz to figure out "new" strats but they aren't reall that new (do i even make sense). Yet I mean all the strats for a reasonable map, not like doing weird stuff on straight and narrow. Oh yeah the spidering thingie on ga is kool (pie made it up. . he owns you ALL. . .). 1/50 of the new players are worth mentioning. . .so i would just like to give a shout out to blizz and head420. OH yeah starcraft rules. . .and if you got kali; 4 wayz with the guyz every monday nights and get ccpack and rogerwilco. Oh yeah GDI sux a nut. Laterz!


P.S. Oh yeah, 5 months to learn a "not so new" strat. . .but I learn a new strat every day. . . in starcraft of course.


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