10 Apr 1999

"The truth": Hadouken suggests to relax

I haven't played this game in awhile, and I've moved on. I visit wchat ocassinally and now it sickens me. A game so old and great being ruined by such great players. I'm not going to really takes sides right now because no one really cares who I support and who I don't. But wchaters, just quit this game and wait for cnc2 or play starcraft. Trust me, it will take alot of stress out of you, and just be more of a casual gamer rather than being a game-a-holic who makes many nicks or even worse becomes a hard core nick tracker. I don't know whose who and it doesn't bother me that much, I only know enough of the truth to keep my feeble mind happy. Let's not get so caught up in this aging game and lets just move on. Oh yeah, ACnDC really scares me, I swear he's losing some of his marbles. Just Relax Man.

Your One Nick Wchater,


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