21 Feb 1999 from MacMark

dirty cheats

There seem to be several bad tricks and if You have informations to share about them email MacMark.

  • s-key: It's rumored that an enemy unit will stop moving like Your own if You press the s key. If this is possible for MacC&C I don't know.
  • reveal all: The reveal-the-whole-map cheat was available for C&Cdos I heard. Recent reports indicate that a similar trick could be available for C&Cgold. MacC&C? Don't know.
  • both sides: You can hack the C&Cgold or C&Cdos "ini" file by setting "sides=3" which gives You the technologie of GDI and NOD. side 1 = gdi, 2 = nod , 3 = both. MacC&C has not such a file.

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