31 Mar 1999
Okay. We'll get them at the end of the month...



Hello Ted,

Oompah and DFENDATRN are in the ladder this month, and are the same person.

This was proved today by me doing a little research, and with the help of Niwaly.

Here is a letter i sent to MacMark to post on his page exposing Oompah for the liar he is, and it has all the proof you need to disqualify them.

MacMark: he included this at this point and added the following:

Pieman1/Tonsoffun/Bunzski/Mrmonday/CCMafia/Clor/Oompah/DFENDATRN are all in the same ladder and being used by the same 3 people...its really stupid how they think they can get away with it too :)


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