30 Mar 1999

Isn't it ironic that OOMPAH saying his only accounts are OOMPAH, and CCavenger, got caught up in his own lies just today?

I had to have proof, so I made up a ICQ name called "stede", and talked to OOMPAH. Oompah has icq on his computer at work at the University of Pittsburgh, so his ip is static and is ALWAYS THE SAME. So when oompah told me via ICQ that he still plays alot, and has won FOUR tournaments (only CCavenger has won, meaning he has more than CCavenger and OOMPAH, because oompah never won). So i just took a logical guess while looking at the past winners on westwoods page. I narrowed it down to MLJS, Beamblack and DFENDATRN. Right after Oompah finished talking to me on ICQ saying he was finished work, i saw DFENDATRN's game on wchat..so i put 2 and 2 together, and went to westwood sysop "NIWALY" and asked her if she could do an IP trace on wchat for me. She was very helpful and did so...here is the log of what happened. i kind of Stretched the truth and told her that this IP address had been nuking me, and i wanted to verify who it was..so i asked her if DFENDATRN was using OOMPAH's IP address...and SHE SAID YES. Thats the nail in the coffin. Oompah you are an out and out liar, and you should be banned from westwood for life for you and your friends dirty tactics.

<Private to Niwaly> can you trace ip's of westwood users?
<Private from Niwaly> well...yes.
Quikandez : I am PI**ED
<Private to Niwaly> the nickname is DFENDATRN he has his own game room in c&c
<Private to Niwaly> the ip is
<Private to Niwaly> is it him?
SEPHlR0TH : I can understand that QuikEZ
excitable: cool
Quikandez: I forwarded it
LMJCHART: JUST2 LETUKNOW - If you are here STOP SENDING ME EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quikandez: That was ridiculous
DamVamp2: to where?
discover9: hi
Quikandez: If you want to say something to someone then say it here
<Private from Niwaly> DEFINATELY HIM
<Private from Niwaly> would you like me to message him?


Get a load of this one...This is what he told me over ICQ...

"god bless man, yes i do play alot still! I won 4 tournaments so far, if you want to give me your account info I'll win something for you! i can only win once every 3 months@..later stede!"

Offering to win if i gave him a nickname and password. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!??!?!?!?! He is a disgrace and should be ridiculed everytime he shows his face on wchat.

Theres the Truth, From the Masta...don't take anything Oompah/Tons/Pieman take at face value..because they are all lamers.

Thanks for your time


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