05 July 1999

CmdrCD:RE: Oompah: Premature Death and The elite and the young guns

I think its time to put some things right what oompah is saying. Not that they are completely wrong in the facts but when you read them you get a wrong impression.

1. What the heck did he think by writing that I almost like losing? Because I am playing fair and don't disconnect when I lose a game has nothing to do with liking, rather more with trying to take at least a lesson out of the loss.
Whatsoever, when I like it...then Oompah must love losing.

2. Oompah, You didn't get 950 points that month....You fell back to 900 at the end because You were still trying to beat my 963 even after tournament "officially" ended and even although You knew that Your name was d/q. (Or did You really still hope You would have a chance???). Don't come me with crap and tell me that You played on for the fun.

3. As far as I know we never played on Wchat against each other in a game, Oompah and if we did then it was You under one of Your undercover names. But don't come and brag with Your "unconfirmed kills" when You dont have the balls to face me under Your real identity.

4. No strategys are unbeatable but certain strategys are supreme to others on certain game settings. So I tell You Oompah, Mixed Unit Strike can be beaten with expansion on GA but play me in a series of games and You will go down in most of them with it. (And play me face to face and not under an unknown name like before).


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