17 June 1999

CnC dead? (2)

klop21: Ok, as I see, the debate is really heating up now so I'll fuel the fire a little more. Had, Rq, you have some good points in your letters but I still think the letters are onesided (especially Had's).

You see, I don't think C&C is dead, I don't think it can ever be. I have seen a lot of folks (veterans so to say) who were, and still are, really good in their respective fields but who gave them up for various reasons. The overwhelming response from them was not as different as I hear now. They all remember the "good ol' times" when everything was perfect and they were great. They all say that it's not the same nowdays. Well maybe you are right, maybe this isn't the same, but how do you know it isn't better? Maybe you have figured out all the strategies, played them over and over again but not everybody did. I think that right now, with so many people actually playing online, it's even more fun to design new strategies and to play more and, maybe, better games.

I've played C&C for about a year now and without any new maps it does get boring sometimes. Yet the challenge is still there. The strategies are still being refined and new "generation", so to say, is growing up. There are lots of great new players who are struggling right now but who are getting better and smarter at what they do. Maybe some of them will even outsmart you, "oldtimers".

Yes, I agree that the ladder has introduced many complications, and that many people are being dishonest nowdays. That will change, however, as we get more and more skillful players who will be able to beat even cheaters. As you might have also noticed, the ladder has become much better at detecting dc's and removing players who are attempting to use cheats. As long as WW does not give up on updating and refining the ladder system C&C will remain a great game.

The competition is also there. Many players can find a real match for themselves nowdays, meaning better games and more fun. Some of them actually work together to design new and better strategies. After all, the real fun in the game is when you come so close to losing and then turn the game around 180 degrees, just in time to win that sucker.

Hell, even when TS comes out (if it ever does) I'll still be visiting good ol' C&C chat, looking for players I know to play some good games.

Long live C&C.

P.S. Well, looks like even those of you who say C&C is dead are still playing it. Look, is that not Rquiem playing on the ladder? :)

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