16 June 1999

CnC dead?

Hey everyone, I think that the oppinion "cnc is dying" is true to some effect.  All of the all time greats have moved on N stuff, but there are some great young new stars, that have just not been heard of before.  I played oompah three times, and dropped all three to him, but he says that I will become a future star, and a lot of my friends that he has played.  Give the ladder some time.  It is just a lag of players, like the saying "off with the old and on with the new."  give the "new" some time.

Hadouken has some points in his opinion.  CnC is three years old.  About how old do you think chess is ? Yes, wwchat is corrupt and cheater run through vted and the ladder like stallions in an open praire, BUT i've noticed recently an INCLINE in the number of people in wwchats cnc channel.  You see hadouken and rquiem... cnc may be "done with" for you guys.... but i still like the game and the people.  Yea we're all waiting for TS... and I think i'll wait for TS while playing cnc.

Long Live the Pioneer of RTS ! *cough*

p.s.  macmark i see things are evening out some betweed our clan and yourself..... that is cool.  hope you post the message.

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