re: bullshit

      I totally disagree with Hadouken's statement referring to my strategy "strafing".

      I don't doubt that there are similar strategys to "strafing" but the way I worked it out with all of it's details was never be there before. I've seen players doing 4 helis after 2 Refinerys on Kali but I didn't see them doing a flamer or tank rush combination along with the helicopters....they all went making fast units like Bikes or Buggys. The composition of several tactical elements is what "strafing" makes it what is is. And that was made completely new...I never looked at someones strategy and just changed elements of it and called it a new strategy that I developed. I created that strategy from the basic elements and developed and tested it further and further (I did it over several months and not just wrote everything down how I "think" it should work). Considering the case someone else created the same strategy long time before and just didn't send it in, I still deserve the rewards for it since I didn't take anything on from anyone for my own strategy. Further on I'm not saying that I created something dramatically new (which I think is impossible after over 3 years now) but when someone wants credits for something he has to publicate it on his own and not letting other people make the efforts and then pointing out that it is all "stolen". And since only beta testers played C&C longer than a week before me (I played it for 2 years before I started on the net) I doubt that Pieman1 created anything that comes close to "strafing" long before I used it on my own in my countless LAN games.


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