I like CmdrCd's new strategy. . .strafing. . .But I know as well as many others do that it's bullshit. That tactic is bullet proof, and I'm happy that Cd sent it in. . but Pieman1 is the one who created it. He used it to defeat Ormond on Kali, and practiced it many times w/ me and RodofNod. In all due respects, you need to put pieman's name on that strafing tactic because he created it the same time Cd started playing cnc or even before that. Thanks for sending in the tactic Cd, but you must give Pieman his just rewards.


    MacMark: I asked CmdrCD about it. He said that he has developed "strafing" on his own and never saw anyone else playing like that. And I'm sure he would have given otherwise credit.

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