29 June 1999

TheBronc: "CnC wanted dead or alive"

Dear Command and Conquer Buddies, Hadouken, Rquiem, Me and Others think the game is dead, but we are wrong. The game isnt dead, its us that are dead bored and tired of the crap going on in CnC. It's hard for especially them who played back in the day when the game was PURE fun to look at a game going corrupt. I enjoyed the times I had but I left cause there is no reason to come to chat when people are argueing about me being an a$§, or someone d/cing, s keying etc.... The highlight of my time at CnC was playing non t's with CmdrCD and Mastablue and XxRocKxX, just because it was so fun learning from the best. I obviously dont think it to be true now but if you get on Mastablue's and these guys good sides they can be really cool people, so my advice is be cool, and STICK TO YOUR OWN BUSINESS, I spent my time gathering the inside scoop and got burned. Skylord said the game isnt dead for him. A lot of other people dont think the game isnt dead, then guess what the GAME isnt dead......its just dead to some of us. Despite all the crap people give Macmark, give the man credit for making this page, cause it sure as hell helps make life interesting at Wchat. So you people who havent been playing 11 months like me, you people who arent bored....keep my favorite game alive, my generation of players had great players like Pamp Syko Nocredit, dont let anyone give you crap you all will be great, i was there once too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, TheBronc

P.S I will see ya all at Wchat occasionally, maybe once a month or so, and when TS comes ill be back!

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