22 June 1999

BowserMan: "chill out!"

Concerning the "block heads" on your site. To oompah and rq , I have to say to you guys, chill the hell out! The way you talk like you rule the game and will never be stopped makes me sick to my stomach. Yes I will give you the credit of being good, but when you say for except 2 or 3 occasional players on westwood the rest being losers, offends me and alot of other cnc players out there. I know several new players who play, yes they only play for prizes which is dumb, which is a Newbie. But its not their fault that they ain't as good as "you". They are newbies. But for the guys who s key and such is very ignorant indeed. If only Ted would be able to start playing in the games, and see that these players are indeed cheaters, would he be able to get rid of the scum.

You guys do need to chill out however. These players are new , and some are trying to be "competition" to you so called "elite" players. So when you come back every 3 or 4 months and "dominate" the ladder. They can give you a challenge. So just stay the hell away from the game, and give the players now a chance to get better. If it requires a month at a time to realize that s keying is dumb and d/cing is for losers, then so be it. Otherwise, stay the hell away from westwood chat if you hate the players these days so much. And quit , F#cking saying you guys are the best ever. It turns my stomach and makes me wanna puke.

But thats just my opinion.


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