29 June 1999

BowserMan: Re: Oompah

Hey Oompah, you hit the nail on the head. There are a few players who are losers and never deserve to win. So lets congratulate you for being one who will say that yes, the players who win are some what elite, but not the greatest ever. And I do understand that the players who won last month were d/cers. That makes me ill, just like theman said. I think Ted needs to start playing or send someone in to start playing for westwood so they could see the players who d/c on everyone. But hey oompah, good work on what you said, I agree with you completely. ONE map people need to be taught, more than ONE, BT people need to be taught, interenet isn't free and playing all day is boring :), and HT people need to learn how to protect their harvys...

So, I'll see you guys next month, in another fun filled month of CnC...Long live, command and conquer


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