newbie bashing

      You see Rquiem says that he tells the newbies strategies and tips, I do the same thing. But in the chat then I play and I heli rush them because I really dont care, is it my fault they can't counter it? I mean I've been using a heli for about 3 weeks. But before that I used a mixed unit strike / Recon rush. It was to easy so I'm just exploring new tatics in hopes that someday kick all Your beep. I'm sick of people trying to act like newbies. They think they're all cool playing dumb and everything but they're not. Thats' why I play them and straighten them out. CmdrCD You're one of the 13 people that have ever beaten my with my old settings. Alost, T5ger, Nashxc, etc. I would like to say nice job.

      Lilmoosh aka CnCExpert

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