news of December 2002

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FreeCnC runable downloads

You can now download a version of FreeCnC that you can run immediately. You can chose from versions for Windows, Linux and BeOS. The MacOS X version should be up soon too. Try it out and tell me what you think about it. The program isn't finished yet, but you can play with it.

If you want to compile the source on your own, they're available too there.

Illegal CnC warez site removed

A few days ago I checked out the other sites listed on the CnC Top200. I found some suspicious sites with illegal content. The worst was the one giving the original CnC for download and bragging about it. I informed Virtual Ted and the Westwood team and they took care of that. The site is now unavailable. I mailed the CnC Top200 too and told them about the illegal contents violating their rules and they took that warez site off their listing.

Another site was giving a stripped down version of Red Alert for download, if you would post at least 25 times on their forum. A silly idea to get some pseudo traffic, isn't it? That download is now unavailable too.

ICQ talk with comrad from FreeCnC

Today comrad from the FreeCnC project talked with me via ICQ. His identity number is 17461243 if you want to talk to him too. He's from Germany too and I will give you some translated parts of our conversation.

  • comrad thought there's no community for CnC anymore and he was suprised about my site. He asked how long I have it already. I told him that there're even more sites for the CnC community out there.
  • Currently FreeCnC cannot be played over a network (e.g. the internet) but that will change.
  • He gave me some hints how to run FreeCnC. I have to download an additional tool and then I will try to make the binaries on my MacOS X and take a look at it. Of course you will see then some additional screenshots ;-)
  • FreeCnC is written in C++. The server part is written in Java. He will try to do the server in C++ too, because he's more familiar with that language.
  • The FreeCnC team has a life and they have their jobs and so the developement depends on their free time.
  • If you know something about the binary map files of CnC then you should contact comrad, it could help him. For the FreeCnC server he tries to get the map loading and parsing of the ini-files working. For Linux the network support is pretty easy, but for DOS and Windows it's difficult. So if you have some experience in network programming with C++, then you can help comrad.
  • Westwood knows about FreeCnC. First WW thought the FreeCnC guys were giving away the game files (what they don't do), but since WW learned what this project is about in detail, WW relaxed. Westwood won't help on that project, but they tolerate it.
  • zx64, another guy from the FreeCnC team, said: "It's nice to see people are still interested in the original C&C games." And speaking for my visitors I can say, we are happy that FreeCnC promises some new life for CnC, our favorite game :-)
  • A ladder isn't planned for FreeCnC yet, but he thinks that would be feasible and not of too much effort.
  • For FreeCnC there are some special features planned not seen in the classic CnC. But that's all still up in the air.

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