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[2002-03-24] banned

Early morning, GDI secret service headquarters:

ElPaladin had used a free email host to register a large amount of WChat nicks. Usually such names are used for free win rushing or other cheating. He knew that he was breaking the rules and he had the nerve to send me a detailed email with all he facts. Then he went on and admitted his password cracking. I forwarded that mail to Westwood and Westwood did what the rules say: They banned all those names they found being registered lately to that free email provider.

On my forum ElPaladin was now crying:

    Name: ElPaladin
    Subject: Fuck you Mac
    : none
    MacMark, your a fucking idiot you know that? Today EVERY last password registered to was banned- that means not only mine but also those in my long list that was posted recently. Thanks to you, a lot of people have lost their favorite names. FUCK YOU RETARD. YOU HELP NOBODY IN THIS GAME, YOU ONLY PISS PEOPLE OFF. YOU ARE A FUCKING JOKE, YOU HAVE NO SKILLS AND HAVE IMPROVED NONE SINCE YOU STARTED. TAKE YOUR SITE, SHOVE IT UP YOUR FAGGOT NAZI ASS AND GET THE FUCK OFF WW YOU OLD PIECE OF CRAP.

ElPaladin isn't very nice, right? Well, it's just the usual cry of a trapped cheater.

I remember some guys claiming Westwood wouldn't care about cheating. I always say, they care about it.

High noon, GDI secret service headquarters:

During this afternoon more players involved in that free-email affair began to scream and shout as they found their names disabled. I did my work again and sent two more emails to Westwood providing even more informations. I expect some more waves :-) This affair looks like a very big thriller in our community. And I have to admit the louder those cheaters cry, the bigger my fun becomes. Come out of your dark holes, you ugly cheaters. It's one more time time to pay the price for it all!

I give you now an example of what went on this afternoon on the forum:

    Name: uNc23
    Subject: 2 idiots
    : none

    Your freaking idiot, both you, Elp and Mac, my names were on that list. I go to play some YR earlier today, what happens, my uNc23II name was banned b/c you ElP posted them here, and then you freaking neo-nazi loser MacMark sends WW an email about those names. Your freaking cocksucker. Both of you should seriously be put out into public and fucking killed. Mac I hope meet some pissed off jew who is just sick of all your nazism and kicks your ass. Elp, your parents hate you, I can't remember one person who likes you, hell even GOD hates you. Do us a favor now and fucking jump a cliff.

It hurts to be a punished rule-breaker, right? I can't believe what bad words those caught in the act cheaters and free win rushers are able to use. What bad characters!

The message for you good guys out there is: Enjoy your honesty and watch the bad boys cry. This was a big strike! Victory!

Sunset, GDI secret service headquarters:

When the evening came it looked like it all was a server error only. Those illegal nicks weren't the only ones being unable to connect to the WChat server. Nevertheless the bad reaction to those facts by ElPaladin and Unc23 tell a lot. In case you guys didn't lose your illegal names yet: Keep on testing them (yes, all 495), maybe you lose them any time soon. If I would be you, I would expect that every day. Oh, and don't forget to inform me immediately about it as soon as it happens. Today was a good test for that, and you both passed it, congratulations!

About WChat accounts and mail servers

Thanks to Kane, we got some informations about mail servers and their relation to Westwood Chat accounts:

    X-Sender: Mime-Version: 1.0
    Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 10:51:55 -0800
    To: <>
    From: <>
    Subject: Regarding any limit to the number of accounts you can have

    Today, I noticed your comments about all the names and stuff

    I don't know the policies of CJB, but since I have my own server, with a similar root domain (eg,, whereas is the root), I can relate this to you.

    On my server machine, which is on 24/7 in my room, connected to my DSL line, I'm running an email server program. By setting the address to the IP address of my server machine (, and then creating email accounts on my mail server, I'm able to create virtually unlimited amounts of westwood online accounts..., because points to, which is my server machine, which in turn, is running my mail server program. So, any mail you send to gets sent to my server.

    So, all I have to do to create a virtually infinite amount of westwood online accounts is to create as many email accounts as I wish, and then register a new westwood online account using my server's email address.

    This is illegal to westwood's rules, because it is registering westwood accounts on a pseudo-free mail host. The only cost for my mail server is the price of my DSL line, the price of the static IP address, and the price of the electricity to run the server 24/7.

    Note that this works for any domain name, and works for multiple accounts...

    Another example is that also points to my server. But, since and are two different domains, I can have the same email address but two of them....

    Meaning, and would be two different mail accounts, but both are hosted on the same machine. Even admin@kbserver and admin@bennetts are considered to be different accounts.

    If was obtained and is maintained for free (or psuedo-free, like my server), then all westwood online accounts registered to that domain could be deleted under grounds of being registered by a free email host.

ElPaladin password cracker

I got an email from ElPaladin admitting how he cracked several passwords of WChat players. I forwarded it to Virtual Ted and to Westwood's ladder team.

    Hi Ted,

    this guy admits by this mail how he get's other players passwords and nicks.


    Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 13:02:16 EST
    Subject: Mseop, lying yet again
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    To start the email we see the list that mseop gave you in your email:
    Camilla71= powerade
    shaquista=imanigga (racism at its best)
    and then gave all the emails.

    First Ill address the issue of that list itself. The following names:
    Camilla71= powerade
    were never even on the ladder last month. Furthermore, dogeatr. TalkDTak, Namehider, Camilla71 and SeanShawn are all belonging to Tonkajoe, Iron98 or Nwbeginin, respectively.
    Even more ridiculous is the fact that basically all of those passes were revealed to me by none other than Mseop himself. The account stuff is what I typed in to registration on WW after I got the pass to see what other passes were on those particular accounts- you will understand this process later.
    The second issue is that of the accounts. As far fetched as this may sound, there is a perfectly good explanation. The explanation is that I have used for two purposes.
    a.) to get my own nicknames past the 4 or so that WW would limit me to otherwise
    b.) I have a long long long list of nicknames/passwords belonging to players other than myself, among which are Sundown46, CmdrCD and Dragonod's names. The list will be posted on your forum for later viewing to show you all im on the level. What does this have to do with my account? I will explain now:

    To gain the passwords its not a very complex process. Since I had a bunch of other ppls passes that Id gotten from other people, I wanted to find out what other passes a particular account might hold. To do this however, you need an unlimited supply of emails that filter back to your regular email, and provides this. So basically I start with 1 name, and get the other 3. The beauty of this is that players often use the same pass for all of their names hehe. That is why lists such as Ascended's are so complete :-p. Anybody can do it, and have a complete list.

    That explains the names and emails stuff. Any further questions email to me.

[March 16th, 2002]
Dragonods was Inkalus

I received mail from ElPaladin:

    Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 16:51:43 EST
    Subject: (no subject)
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    I just confirmed the old information that Dragonods WAS INDEED Inkalus. Today, as I tried to guess his old school name, I tried ilovesex- a very common password in deed. It worked for Dragonods, so I then tried it for Inkalus... lo and behold it worked! Shocking no? Then I checked the personal info- both of Michigan as said on the champs page. These two things holding true to both Dragonods and Inkalus seems suspicious correct?

[March 15th, 2002] and their owners

I got mails from ElPaladin and MSOP1 telling me names and passwords. I used Westwood's online registration service to log me in with those names and see to what email addresses they're registered.

MSEOP1 claims these are nicks of ElPaladin. I give some comments and the email addresses I see at Westwood's online registration service for those nicks. Feel free to try it out yourself:

  • eye1sk8=powerade,
  • Camilla71= powerade,
  • shaquista=imanigga (racism at its best),
  • newbbag22=mseopsuk,, that password looks like someone's disliking MSEOP1. ElPaladin would be the No.1 candidate for that.
  • Liimoosh=imbaaack, This name is interesting. It refers to Lilmoosh, a boy that must be the same age as ElPaladin now and who left for a while. Did he now return as "ElPladin"? Plus: The email is like his original email ""
  • putadhere=aleck111,
  • ripcnc=cr0zfire,
  • seanshawn=12345678,
  • talkdtalk=79799797,
  • dogeatr=ivyivy77,
  • Elpos01=ironandi,
  • namehider=9wNBDn3k,

All names are registered on "". Did he make that domain himself (it's free on or did someone else did it?

Now the names ElPaladin claims they would belong to MSEOP1. I give again some comments and the email addresses I see at Westwood's online registration service for those nicks. Feel free to try it out yourself:

  • Shaquista  imanigga,
  • Bluehindu
  • Mrsupreme 12349876,
  • Melvin66
  • Eye1sk8
  • Putadhere aleck111, We got this one already above ;-)
  • Ripcnc cr0zfire, We got this one already above ;-)
  • Newbbag22 mseopsuk, Why should MSEOP1 use a password like "mseopsuk"?
  • Liimoosh imbaaack, We got this one already above ;-)
  • X0h10x waazoooo, This is registered to Cincinnati, Ohio, the place where ElPaladin lives. Strange.
  • Champs94

And again, even these names are all registered on "".

So, who is that guy that uses all those emails of the domain "". Remember everyone could have made this domain name. (Example: LordSSB had made a few years ago "" which is unused today again.)

How to find out? Well, I found it.

I mailed today to "" and someone with the email address "", ElPaladin's email. Thus the one who made all nicks listed above is ElPaladin. Wait! Someone could have pretended using that email address. Let's compare the headers of 2 mails: The first I'm sure it's from ElPaladin, the second is the latest answer mail I'm talking about here:

  • Return-Path: <>
    Received: from ([]) by
    with esmtp id 16ktmK-0Ht0F6C; Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:25:52 +0100
    Received: from
    by (mail_out_v32.5.) id z.186.4b65b2c (3312)
  • Return-Path: <>
    Received: from ([]) by
    with esmtp id 16lyg6-2JTP6WC; Fri, 15 Mar 2002 21:51:54 +0100
    Received: from
    by (mail_out_v32.5.) id z.115.e2b26b9 (4414)

Those sending IP addresses are way to similar. I'm convinced now that ElPaladin is every email owner of "...". A mail from MSEOP1 would have this header:

  • Return-Path: <>
    Received: from ([]) by
    with esmtp id 16lwbz-0tmS6iC; Fri, 15 Mar 2002 19:39:31 +0100
    Received: from
    ( []) by l-daemon
    (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.1 (built May 7 2001))
    with ESMTP id <0GT10093O2HT8V@l-daemon>

To make everything complete I add now the complete emails from ElPaladin, MSEOP1 and myself in this case:

ElPaladin wrote:

    Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 16:25:40 EST
    Subject: Mseop's BS
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Recently Mseop has started making claims that I am an FWR, and that I approached him last month with a proposition to FWR. This is complete and udder lies, he approached me with the proposition to FWR. I accepted? Why, with a good track record and respected skills even still I accepted for one reason, because I knew I could trap Mseop in his own game, and after 4 months finally reveal his dirty ass to all of WW and prove that he was FWR. I can tell you every name he used:

    Shaquista  imanigga
    Mrsupreme 12349876
    Putadhere aleck111
    Ripcnc cr0zfire
    Newbbag22 mseopsuk
    Liimoosh imbaaack
    X0h10x waazoooo
    and unbeknownst to me he apparently had other names in store which I do not know, but anyway...

    I went along with his schemes as I tracked his moves. I knew his names etc, and now I can tell you all his schemes...  he asked me to help him for the record, now I can tell you his stuff and he lies more than ever.

    I tell you now that he is running an FWR this month. One name I know him to be using is TalkDTalk, which he gave me pass to last month. It is Tonkajoe name, but he is playing Mseop1 setts, which are 12/7 almost always.You can know if a suspected FWR name of his is his if he has 12/7 and some kind of random map, usually a large one like Eye of the Storm or Marooned or Sand Trap.

I answered (look at where I sent it to):

    From: Markus Möller <>
    Subject: Re: Mseop's BS


    shall I publish that?


ElPaladin wrote back (look where the answer came from):

    Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 15:51:38 EST
    Subject: Re: Mseop's BS
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    Dont publish this unless as a response to anything u get from Mseop trying to lie about me ok? Know also that I am not by any intentional nature a born cheater, for your own personal opinion. I still respect the WW rules to a great extent, and agree with much of what is said on your site, I just sometimes resign some of my credibility such as 'participating' in this FWR, so as to track the moves of my enemy... do you see what I mean?

The mail from MSEOP1 was:

    From: <>Keith Salter
    To: <>
    Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 9:42 AM
    Subject: Cracking Elp and showing who the real cheater is

    Hi Mark

    Like i told you on the forum, i have big news, i was thinking yesterday about all the names that Elp aprroached me with,he gave me name's and pass 's to help him fwr last month.So i went to WW homepage and to member services, i typed in the one name and password at a time, and guess what..........they all come back with Elp's email, im sure its all a coincedence. I suppose the truth comes out and shows what a little lier he is. Like the old saying dont talk about other's or accuse them, as u might have skeletons in your closet, and i believe these skeletons have just been exposed.I ask that you check this too before you release it to your news, just so the base and facts are truly known and verified.

    Here are all the names with pass's

    Camilla71= powerade
    shaquista=imanigga (racism at its best)

    Like i said in forum Elp approached me in about the middle of last month and begged me to help him fwr,i siad ok but only to get his names and pass's, in no way did I help him.I knew that i could prove what a scumbag he is.Elp has gone too far and pissed me off for the last time, so i took the time to put this together, and to show all of Westwood and its players that this NON FACTOR isnt deserving of anything.He cant win fairly, (he even went so far to say that he had to win a Title before Pilbots did, he didnt want Pilbots rubbing it in his face).In closing Mac, the ladder means nothing to me, i have nothing left to prove, i play for fun, and thats why i have just been play non tourny games for the most part, but i will admit this I WILL SCREW ELP over at all costs, He has pissed me off with all his slanderous bullshit enough is enough.

    I thank you for your time

    chau Mseop1

This doesn't look good for ElPaladin (also known as Lilmoosh?), because he seems to lie. An open question is still if those nicks were used to free win rush.

[March 09th, 2002]
Wrong fan pages on Westwood's C&C universe

Westwood has for every game of the C&C series it's own subpage on the C&C universe of games providing informations about that specific game. I was checking -again- the C&C subpage of it. I was quite unhappy with what I found there and wrote to Ted:

Only time will tell if they finally do the right thing on that page. Before they added those off-topic links they had other dead links to dead C&C pages listed there. It's beyond my mind why they don't take some of the living C&C pages, e.g. mine.

[March 05th, 2002]
Wrong guy dqed?

Regarding the winners of March 2002, ElPaladin has some interesting comments. I forwarded that to Virtual Ted and asked for comments.

    Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 16:30:22 EST
    Subject: A nice piece of news about WW unveiling their complete failure to be competent To:
    MIME-Version: 1.0

    This is ElPaladin, WINNER of NOD tourney last month, were I not blatantly screwed over by Inkalus... AKA Dragonods-  of Michigan, USA. That bastard FWRd 850 points in less than 12 hours, surely WW should have noticed this, and if they didnt they were alerted at every angle by me. Now I check the champions page, and they DQd poor TheAfrikn, who despite pussying out every game I asked him for, played completely fair and won GDI... but what happens? They DQd the wrong guy- him. What in the name of god kind of job is that? Have they no pride to double check who the FWR is before they DQ the wrong guy for no apparent reason? What a joke!

[March 05th, 2002]
Tourney 2002

I was asked by some players to host another tourney. I'm looking currently for proposals how the tourney should be set up and asked for comments. Here's a first one. I will introduce a new main menu point for tournies soon.

    Hey mac. Everyone wants in on your tourney, but your forum doesnt seem to be responding atm :(

    That pool idea is a good one.

    Maybe play the usual 3 games. (hehe please make the neutral setts snn! :P) and the top 2 players with the most number of wins go thru in each pool.

    Group A. wins
    Mr dX 9
    Mr cX 5
    Mr bX 3
    Mr aX 1

    IM pretty sure that 18 games need to be played in each pool.

    A plays B, and C, and D Thats 9 games played for a
    B PLays C and D and (has already played A)
    C plays D (has already played a and b)
    D has played everyone

    Thats nine games per each player.

    So... if you had 4 pools of 4 players.... that would give 8 players left over.

    Also put the players with the most wins, against the players with the least wins in this quarter finals.

    Say in Pool A
    A kid with 9 wins goes thru
    and a kid with 5 wins goes thru.

    In pool B
    A kid with 4 wins goes thru

    and everybody who got thru, has more than 4 wins.... the kid with the most wins plays the kid with the least wins, and so on, the 2nd most, 2nd least.

    Ok, also. if a kid does not play his games he forfeits and this counts as a win in their opponent's name.

    I hope this sounds ok to u mac?

    OH yeah! hehe can i have a green face on the blacklisted players? (cos elp got one :P, lol i feel jealous) :P thanks buddy. thanks for the games last night too.

    Cheers. Cant wait for ya tourney!


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