news of October 2001

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The Barracks is back

After a period of 2 months without any updates, The Barracks is finally back on track. They had been busy with real life and continue now their site. Beside the classic C&C (which is of course the best) it will have some Red Alert 2 pages too. Furthermore they announced not to host any further tournaments, because nobody played his matches. Well, if you do 2 tournaments in a row like The Barracks did, the players get bored. Nevertheless the players join tournaments like the one hosted on New Klan Order today.

Together with the other recent news, this is a very bright sunshiny day for the C&C community. Welcome back The Barracks!

NKOslider open tourney the place to be

A few days after the news were spread about NKOslider's free for all tourney, the tourney places are filling like crazy as he tells us on his website New Klan Order (NKO) which is hosting that tourney. So if you want to be part of it, you don't have much time to waste, because only those guys joining at first can play.

New clan TDN started by ElPaladin

Who knows me for a while is aware that I don't think clans are a good idea on C&C as long as Westwood doesn't offer support for that on this game. Maybe they never will, to face the truth. But on the other hand I learned that clans are a good thing for the C&C community - making players feel better. Well, contributing to this, ElPaladin just started a new clan called "Those Damn Newbies" (TDN). It's a cool name showing some humor.

On my forum, he gave us this message about it:

    Tonight in WChat Pilbots, N1ke and I started another new clan. Appropriately it is called TDN, which stands for Those Damn Newbies... so far its just Me, N1ke, Pilbots and Whotersd

    The point? if ur any good and have a clean players image we'll prolly accept you... this means dont play with rules like (GDI v GDI) or (BT) or (No Apaches) and dont cheat (Hacks, Ref Cheating, DCing)...

Good luck, ElPaladin!

Game server healthy again

Westwood's C&C game server is alive and working again. You can now search for names and ranks again and it updates the games. I noticed that passed games - played during the down time - appeared on there too now. That's as good as I had expected. Thanks to Westwood's network administrators and the server admin for fixing this so fast!

Open tourney by NKOslider

NKOslider is hosting a free for all tourney on his C&C page New Klan Order (NKO). This is the news I like showing an active community. He wrote:

    I am going to be hosting an open tourney as soon as I get enough peeps for it, anyone interested in playing is welcome to sign up for, it's just for fun. All rules ar eposted on my site, you can email me back if your're interested in playing. Also, Mac i looked @ the links on your site & noticed mine wasnt linked to yours, you can link mine to yours if you like, it's not bad, check it out if you haven't. Hope to hear back from you all, NKOslider.

Looks like I've forgotten an important link. Sorry, NKOslider, but you're added now.

Game server not searchable

In the recent days Westwood's C&C game server gives error messages when you're looking up a name or a special rank. I informed Westwood's network administrators and the server admin by this mail:


    today the C&Cgold ladder says when you type in a name and search for it:

    Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.


I guess they're on holidays right now, because the network status page still claims that all game servers would be fully operational. Let me check the calendar... No, it isn't April 1st.

The past has shown that, although the server was troubled, game results nevertheless had been recorded. Thus I expect the matches of the past days appearing when the server is back healthy.

CnC universe of games in progress

Westwood has made some progress with their C&C universe of games. Most subsections are completed and I think the subsection of our favorite game will be get such a polish next. But I'm quite curious and wrote to Virtual Ted:

    Hi Ted,

    on all C&C games have an up to date list of fan site - except the subsection for the original Command & Conquer.

    When will the original C&C section be updated? You told me in an earlier email you would put a link to my site on there too.


I really want an offical link back to this site on their new C&C universe of games.

Game server not updating

Westwood's C&C world ranking of players isn't updating since at least yesterday. I mailed today to Westwood's network administrators, because their online network status page shows that they have not been informed about this problem before:


    the C&Cgold ladder don't update since at least yesterday.


I hope they fix it soon.

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