new maps on wchat

updated 02 Feb 1999
You can play every multi player map You like on WChat using a little trick. You and Your opponent have to replace a standard map with the same non-standard map. Here's what to do:

Every multi player map consists of 2 files: scmXXea.bin and scmXXea.ini. XX represents the map number. If You replace the XX in both file names with the number of a standard map (01 Green Arces, 02 Sand Trap, 03 Lost Arena, 04 River Raid, 05 Eye of the Storm, 06 Lakefront Clash, 07 Desert Madness, 08 Pitfall, 09 Moosehead Barrens, 10 Red Sands, 70 Winter Wonderland, 71 One Pass Fits All, 72 Straight and Narrow, 73 King Takes Pawn, 74 Nowhere to Hide, 96 Tiberium Garden) and put both files into Your C&C folder, WChat uses this map instead of the standard map. WChat will display the standard map name nevertheless. But that's no problem.

Mac users make sure that the format of the scmXXea.ini file is in "DOS" format using BBEdit Lite like shown in this screen shot. MacC&C expects a line feed in the ini file, C&C DOS don't expect a line feed.

On WChat and Kali often maps from the "Mappack" from WCR's Mappack Site are used (thanks Hadouken!) as a replacement for Green Acres. Mac users can get these maps from me without the DOS stuff. This "Mappack" is already in correct Mac format.


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