player profiles: Oompah

updated 28 April 2000

Oompah doesn't play often yet onWChat. He was one of the first WChat players and quite good. I don't remember having played him under his original nick. I think he's a honest player. The only bad think to say about him is that he had shared once several nicks with Pieman1 and Tonsoffun for ladder games, something that's against the official rules. Virtual Ted disabled after that his original nick as far as I know. I had several news about it in my news section. The first one in that series was "dawn of the gods".

Furthermore I have to thank him for his very well written tactics expansion on Green Acres, which is used by 99% of all players today. I have to add he promised to send some additions to it later...

His Command & Conquer history on Case's Ladder:

  • 1995
    • November: Purchased Command & Conquer for PC
  • 1996 (Case's Ladder)
    • March: Joined Kali and began online gaming
    • April: Joined Case's ladder and lost his first game
    • Won his first ladder match vs Jmark
    • December: Reached top 10 team rank with Tea Brotherlove
  • 1997 (Case's ladder)
    • August: Had a 55 game winstreak stopped by Chaotic
    • November: Took first place on Cases ladder
  • 1998 (Case's ladder)
    • August: Won his 300th game vs BennyHK
    • October: Retired from Case's with
      • 3rd in all-time wins (311)
      • 6th best all-time win percentage (81%)

His Command & Conquer history on Westwood Chat:

  • 1998 (WChat)
    • April: Won WChat's tourney as CCavenger with 100-9 mark
    • December: Took 3rd as CCavenger
  • 1999 (WChat)
    • January: Took 2nd as OldZulu
    • February: Won tourney as Dfendatrn
    • March: Took 2nd as Oompah (DQed)
    • April: Took 2nd as Oompah (DQed)
    • May: Won tourney as CCavenger with 133-1 mark (DQed)
    • June: Retired from WChat

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