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updated 2002-12-10

LordSSB is many things, but first of all he is the biggest liar I've ever met in my whole life. He's notorious. Recently he sits 24/7 in WChat as "ELVIS" to keep his internet connection alive. Doesn't he have a life?

He's one of my blacklisted players and has some big entries there:

  • 2001-02: spreads lies
  • 2001-01: impersonates
  • August 2000: dced as CyberGoat?
  • August 2000: dced as CyberGoat?
  • June 1999: spreads lies on WChat
  • June 1999: spreads lies on his site. (follow up: LordSSB lost his illegal site)
  • January 2000: outsynced
  • June 2000: faked a report

    He got my attention the first time on 1999-06-01 in my news for that day "Straight lies about MacMark":

      "LordSSB told this on WChat in May 1999: "I beat macmark and he dced, it was straight and narrow and he knew i was going to kill him with my helis, so he dced". Another straight lie. Why? The only game I tried to play on "Straight And Narrow" in May 1999 didn't even start because it didn't connect. I played the whole month another map: "Moosehead Barrens". I think this stupid guy just wants to be famous."

    Regarding this issue one of the best C&C players ever, Rquiem, came to my help and wrote on 1999-06-09 Rquiem about "Players":

      "I haven't played C&C in the longest time, but I just checked out MacMark's page and read all that stuff about dishonest players and cheating. Unless MacMark has done a complete 180 on his honesty, those players who accused him of cheating are complete morons. I have played him at least 50 times, and he has beaten me only once. In all those losses against me he has NEVER disconnected. Even when he had the higher rank and I was below him, he still played to the end and nothing dishonest happened."

    Later LordSSB made a website about me, which violates some rules and laws, because he published straight and obvious lies about me and had added some animations full of hate and violence. One of the animations was an ugly scene showing my death. A reader of mine informed me about the illegality of LordSSB's web site and I took care about it.

    But this guy simply doesn't stop to lie. He admitted having sent in several faked reports to me and laughs his head off about that.

    To get the full picture of this stupid liar, You should read these news I've published about him during the last years:

    On 2002-08-30 LordSSB admitted at my forum the truth, finally:

      Subject: Boy we had some good times didnt we?

      Man-o-man has it been a blast playing this game.

      I remember the day I made up the story about Macmark DCing me. Everyone wanted to get me to explain every detail. You were right macmark, I was wrong. It was a farce concieved entirly inside my head. The age old battle of LordSSB VS Macmark was a good one dont you admit?
      At any rate It was a fun ride. Im very sad that it appears to be over.
      I picture heaven as a place you can do whatever you want, for as long as you want. One of the first things ill do when I get there is to go back and kick it with all my old CnC friends, from CnC Gold, and sole survivor. It will be like old times again.

      Its too bad we cannot do that now.

      I dont believe in good byes, I would rather say "Until next time"

      Who knows, i probably even be your friend once we get to heaven macmark. You never know. For all the trouble down here on earth however, Im truely sorry, Even if it did make a good soap opera.
      Now i wish It could have all been different.......
      Cya all laterz

    It took a pretty long time, but as usual in the end the good guy wins.

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