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updated 2001-04-29
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Prizes March April 2001

From 2001-03-06 until 2001-04-29 I asked my readers: "What about prizes?" These were the results:

As You can see the most players play for fun and fame, but they think that prizes would make more people play this game.

Favorite maps February 2001

From 2001-01-21 until 2001-03-06 I asked my readers: "Which are Your favorite maps?" These were the results:

As You can see: If You like Lakefront Clash, You have a good chance to win, because many players aren't familiar with that map ;)

CnC versus RA2 January 2001

From 2000-12-21 until 2001-01-21 I asked my readers: "Will You stop playing C&C because of RA2?" It was the time when RA2 was a brand new, much hyped game. History showed that everytime when a new strategy game was released some guys complain: "CnC is dead". Fact is the opposite: CnC overcame every new game and is pretty much alive.

The "Yes" votes contain may votes from players who want to make CnC look bad in a try to convince the CnC communicity to switch to RA2. Nevertheless the numbers are great for the best strategy fun game ever.

Top players March 2000

I started in March 2000 a top 5 players poll. Each top 1 vote got 5 points, each top 5 vote got 1 point. Austin469 got 5 No.1 votes, MrBuggy got 4, Pieman1 got 2, Blak519, HTTbull, Rquiem, MacMark, cnclives and DragoNOD got each 1 No.1 vote. Noone else got a No.1 vote. The shared name BaLuAsK is disqualified. I (MacMark) didn't vote in this poll.

top 10 best players of March 2000

  • MrBuggy is also HeliWiper and Sergiy
  • Dungeon95 is also MonsterID
  • Agentblak is also Illspits

I used their original nicks to identify them. Hint: check my disuise list.

"the rest" of March 2000

Greatest DCers December 1998

On Blerkin's C&C site and mine You have had the chance to vote for the top 5 dcers in December 1998. The poll is now over and the results are here. The most votes were given on Blerkin's site. And: The poll was his idea. A good idea. I added our results and made the graph. Each top 1 vote got 5 points, each top 5 vote got 1 point. Shame on all these players:

Top players March 1998

Rquiem started in March 1998 a "TOP 10 WChat Players Ever" poll regarding the best Westwood players of all times. Everyone could have sent in his private top five players guess. Now the ranks are filled with names. But Rquiem couldn't publish it himself. He asked me, if I could publish the poll results for him, because he's low on space with his web site. Here they're (all graphics made by MacMark):

top 10

Rquiem got 6 first place votes, Pieman got 16, RodOfNOD, XxRocKxX and CmdrCD got 2 first place votes.
Nobody else got a first place vote.

the rest


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