Some C_n_C WChat channel rules, if You're a newbie:
  • don't use caps: That would look like shouting on someone!
  • don't use the action button always: That button is appropriate very seldom!
  • don't use the private button on all: Use it only for single persons!
  • stop typing after accepting: No "go go go go go go go"- or "start start start start start"-newbie-typing! All that would be sent to the host and WChat keeps busy displaying all Your bull shit despite the host has clicked "start". The game won't start.
  • don't type always the same: Everybody in the chat room would hate You for that! A screen full of nonsense. If You think nobody sees You, write something more important, not more lines!
  • don't ask silly things: "Someone up for a game of Command & Conquer?" You're in a chat room! You see people who wants to chat. If You wonna play a game, go and host one Yourself or join an open game. Exception: You wonna play a particular person. Then You might ask.
  • go into the appropriate room: "Someone up for a game of Warcraft II?" You're in the wrong room! "Can someone help me with Red Alert mission 5?" You're in the wrong room, again!

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