updated 15 May 1999
Here're some abbreviations which are used often on WChat by the players:
  • 15 mins treaty: No attacking of the enemy base during the first 15 minutes of game play. Boring and for suckers.
  • afk (away from keyboard)
  • brb (be right back)
  • btw (by the way)
  • cu (see You): Used in the chat rooms and means "bye, bye, I'm leaving now".
  • d/c (disconnect): Pulling the modem plug during game play. Unfair behavior of many suckers not to lose their ladder points by preventing sending of their game results.
  • dcer: Someone who often d/c.
  • gg (good game)
  • ht (harvester treaty): Very popular with suckers. No attacking of enemy harvesters.
  • j/k (just kidding)
  • lol (laughing out loud)

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