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updated 2002-05-09
Here you find Mac specific help. You should also take a look at the general problems page providing further informations on general problems and their solution.


If You've downloaded the updates for MacC&C You should exctract them and put in the right places. All those files must replace the older versions in Your C&C folder. The update doesn't include an installer, You've to exchange the files on Your own. Readt the comments about the "DrawSprocketLib" too.

Action GoMac

Certain settings on action gomac and C&C are incompatible. If ACTION GoMac is not set to "auto hide", then C&C will unexpectedly quit when launched. To fix this, just turn on "auto hide" or disabled ACTION GoMac. (Hint from


If You're using MacOS 8 or 9 there will be installed the latest version of Apple's "DrawSprocketLib" (a system extension). CnC insists on the original version of "DrawSprocketLib" which can be found on Your CnC CDs or for download here. If You put that old "DrawSprocketLib" directly into Your CnC folder CnC will use this version and all other programs will use the state of the art version in Your system extensions folder. Great? Great!

HFS+ (Hierarchical File System plus)

HFS+ is the "MacOS Extended" format and HFS is the "MacOS Standard" format for disks. MacC&C and WChat don't support HFS+. If You boot from a HFS+ disk, the Westwood programs don't start each other automatically anymore. Solutions:

  • Boot from a HFS disk. The Westwood programs may be on a HFS+ disk.
  • Or start both programs Yourself.

Internet Address Detectors (IAD)

If You use the Apple Internet Address Detectors (it's no part of the MacOS) the force-fire (control-click) will not work properly in MacC&C. Apple is working to fix that problem. With the next release of Data Detectors it should be solved. (I contacted Apple.) In the actual version of the detectors, You need a visible menu bar in the application for disabling the detectors for that application. But MacC&C don't use a menu bar. Solutions:

  • Download the "IADD Picker". It lets You turn off the IADs for certain applications to let You use the control clicks that are needed in that application. Open the "IADD Settings" control panel and pick the application You want to turn off IADs for. If You do it a second time, they will be turned back on. The IADD Picker was made by John Moe. Many thanks, John!
  • Or don't use force-fire in MacC&C.
  • Or don't use the Internet Data Detectors.

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